What is AOG?

smART OF GIVING (AOG) is an idea-turned-reality that envisioned a unique model to generate funds for charities without asking for monetary donation. AOG is the first working Smart Contract that utilizes technology to help the under privileged children whilst providing mobile gaming entertainment and transparency to the contributors. For the first time ever, there is a crypto currency that generates value for the underprivileged just by being in circulation without shelling a penny out of pocket!

How it Works

Download Goodwill Racing for FREE on your Android or IOS phone. Play the game to your heart’s content. The more you play and the better you play will result in a better score. This score is automatically transferred to our Smart Contract that calculates and donates the number of AOG tokens on your behalf to the charity of your choice. In other words, every time you play Goodwill Racing, you are sending AOG tokens to the charity of your choice.

Download Game on IOS or Android Phone for FREE. NO ADS EVER!

Play the game and reach a pre-determined score to generate donation

Select the Charity of your choice from our pre-filtered list and hit SEND.

SMART CONTRACT does the calculations and sends equivalent AOG Tokens to the charity Wallet.

Continue Game Play and Continue your great work! Click the Verification Link to see the Charity Wallet

Why AOG?


- 22000 children die of hunger every day.

- 2.2 Billion children in the world, 1 billion of which live without Shelter, Safe Water, Health and Education.

- More than 300 million children in the world are not immunized against treatable or preventable diseases


Every game play generates a transaction that is permanently stored on the Block chain and can be verified by anyone at anytime. Contrarily, you can also view the last transaction here. Finally, the total donation can be seen on the respective charity organizations own website

Vetted Institutions

Every charity organization receiving donations from AOG has been thoroughly screened to ensure the donated funds are best utilized. The screening process involves past records, awards and certifications, legal status, massive outreach of the program, dedication of the teams etc. In other words, every player can rest assured that their time spent in playing the game is generating tremendous value in the real world for those who need it the most.

Unique Concept

The concept is simple, hence it works! Let’s all pledge to play Goodwill Racing the next time we have a few minutes to pass. Let’s all pledge to generate as many AOG tokens for the under privileged as we can.

How does my game play help
people in need?

$1.90 a day is where the World Bank sets the standard of extreme poverty. As of 2015, 9.6% of the world's population falls in this category. Let's see how far your game play would go for these people: (at the time of this writing when 1 AOG = 10 cents)

  • Play Goodwill Racing 10 times and you will have provided 1 child with micro-nutrient fortification for one year
  • Play Goodwill Racing 100 times and you will have donated enough to prevent 2 kids from Malaria for 3 years
  • Play Goodwill Racing 1000 times and you will have donated enough to provide 23 community members with safe drinking water for one year
  • Play Goodwill Racing 2300 times and you will have sent 1 kid through school for an entire year where meals are served too!


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WeShopWithCrypto - Now Supports AOG

The one stop shop for goods and services using your AOG coins. From Apparel to Automotive and from Computers to Collectibles, everything is available on WeShopWithCrypto.com. AOG is proud to be one of the 40 cryptocurrencies accepted at WeShopWithCrypto.com. In line with our philosophy that it's not a currency if you can't buy something with it, we got AOG listed in April 2020.

Cryptovends.com - Now Supports AOG

What better way to reach the masses than through the platform of ATMs! With this in mind, AOG has affiliated itself with CryptoVends.com, a US based Bitcoin ATM (a.k.a. BTM) franchisor. They support only 6 cryptocurrencies and AOG happens to be one of them. This is a huge step towards getting AOG sold through BTMs in the US and hopefully a few other countries very soon!

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